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For Immediate Release
January 23, 2004

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        January 23, 2004

DoD Selects FBT Defense Equipment for Testing

The Department of Defense announced today that it has selected Forward Based Technology's GRIDS interface project to receive fiscal 2004 funding under the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Program. Authorized by Congress since 1980, the FCT Program is administered by the deputy under secretary of defense (advanced systems and concepts), Office of the under secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics).

The FCT Program demonstrates the value of using non-developmental items to reduce development costs and accelerate the acquisition process. The principal objective of the FCT Program is to support the U.S. warfighter by leveraging non-developmental items of allied and other friendly nations to satisfy U.S. defense requirements more quickly and economically. This is to increase U.S. capabilities in the war on terrorism and improve interoperability with our allies. 

Given a first-rate foreign non-developmental item, U.S. user interest, a valid operational requirement, and good procurement potential, the FCT Program fields world-class systems and equipment not otherwise available. At the same time, by promoting competition and eliminating unnecessary research, development, test and evaluation expenses, the FCT Program reduces total
ownership costs of military systems while enhancing standardization and interoperability, promoting international cooperation, and frequently serving as a catalyst for domestic industry partnering and U.S. industry overseas.

Each year, the military services and Special Operations Command nominate candidate projects to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Advanced Systems & Concepts) for FCT funding consideration. Each proposed project is screened to ensure the fully mature technology addresses valid requirements, to confirm a thorough market survey was conducted to identify all potential contenders, and to verify the U.S. military sponsor has developed a viable acquisition strategy to procure the foreign item if it tests successfully and offers best value.

Of the 29 new start projects for fiscal 2004, seven are sponsored by the Army, five by the Navy, seven by the Marine Corps, four by the Air Force, and six by the Special Operations Command. Additional FCT Program information is available on the FCT Homepage on the Web site .

The FBT GRIDS interface project will demonstrate how the America's Army recruiting web site can be linked to actual combat robot weapons systems.

Forward Based Technology, Inc. is a small family-owned technology company located in the greater Seattle area. Founded in 2002 by Edward Ponderevo and his nephew George Ponderevo, FBT specializes in the creation and delivery of advanced human-machine interfaces and intelligent agents.

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