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from the Office of Winston Smith

For Immediate Release
January 1, 2002

Winston Smith
Communications Director
Forward Based Technology
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(206) 420-7928 (cell)
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FBT Starts Up Operations

FBT started operations today, announced Edward Ponderevo, the president and founder of Forward Based Technology, Inc.

"It was 9/11 that prompted me to start FBT" stated Ponderevo, who goes by "Ed" around his development group. "The fact that America was so unprepared against an attack shocked me. Here we had the most lethal and powerful fighting force the world had ever known, the most spy satellites, the largest spy agency, and all of them were doing nothing. I thought to myself 'How could the ordinary person help guard our democracy?'

"Well, I must confess that I am a bit of a science-fiction nut, and I recalled reading a book about a little boy named Ender, where children playing video games were actually fighting a war against an alien race. In this country we have probably 50 million kids playing these video games each day; why not use them in the fight against terrorism? I thought to myself 'I know software pretty well, let's see if I can help our country!'"

Ponderevo enlisted his nephew, George Ponderevo, an engineer, to help with the software aspects, and another relative, Nicodemus Frapp, to act as operations manager. Winston Smith, an old friend of Ponderevo's, handles communications for the company.

FBT is headquartered in an old restaurant building in the Ballard section of Seattle. The three-member team has a rack of the most modern computers and digital interfaces, a large smooth working area to roll their chairs among the various screens, and, of course, a cooler well stocked with energy drinks next to the coffee machine. "This is Seattle, after all." explained Frapp. "We live on caffeine and Red Bull."

FBT expects to have a working software product within 2 years. "We can all work together to fight terrorism and keep the US strong," declares Ponderevo. Watching him work in front of a large American flag, you can believe him.

Forward Based Technology, Inc. is a small family-owned technology company located in the greater Seattle area. Founded in 2002 by Edward Ponderevo and his nephew George Ponderevo, FBT specializes in the creation and delivery of advanced human-machine interfaces and intelligent agents.

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