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Solutions for Our Rapidly Changing Environment

The defense of our state, nation and world require customized command, control and communications network infrastructures in order to deal with various and rapidly challenging and changing operational arenas and environments.

Itís impossible to command and control without communications.

As decision makers in the defense environment, you need high-end technical expertise and communications solutions for command and control network infrastructures. You need solutions you can trust. Ultimately, having confidence in your solution is as critical as its capabilities.

Our solutions foster confidence because at Forward Based Technology we do not represent, manufacture or sell hardware products. This means we have no vested interest in any particular solution or product. We exist solely to serve you and to represent your best interest. We are your independent experts.

Our solutions foster confidence because we at Forward Based Technology focus our expertise on our core businessóDefense. We apply our world class expertise in Research and Development, system design, implementation and integration of tactical wireless, highly mobile and intelligent interface systems to successfully meet your requirements and the challenges you face. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality services to meet and/or exceed your expectations- itís not an option, itís our promise.

Finally, we are unique in our ability to use a mix of heterogeneous communications technologies including fiber optic, satellite, microwave, PCS etc. Decision makers who are leading the defense transformation for our world trust our solutions. Let us do the same for you.


Ed Ponderevo
President and Founder
Forward Based Technology, Inc.


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